Bronchitis Treatment
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Acute Bronchitis

There are some key symptoms that will help you to identify whether or not you may be suffering from acute bronchitis which will then help you to start deciding on the best solution for your particular condition. There are a number of possible treatments that are available which can help you to get some much needed relief for your bronchitis symptoms as well as help you to enjoy a much speedier road to recovery.

It is important to know that acute bronchitis creates inflamed large bronchi which are airways in your lungs featuring a medium size in comparison to the several other types of airways found throughout your lungs.

Acute bronchitis can exist in the form of either bacteria or virus, and the two can be treated for their symptoms quite uniquely from each other so it’s important to know that one treatment may not necessarily work for the other. For example, viruses, which is the more common type of bronchitis, can not effectively be treated by antibiotics unless there is also a high bacteria count present.

It should also be noted that the condition of acute bronchitis can also last for up to several weeks which means that you will most likely need to make sure that you account for an ongoing treatment plan for at least that long as making sure that you continue treatment beyond the last signs of your bronchitis is the most effective means of successful treatment.

During this period, you can expect excessive coughing, increased phlegm production, and sometimes minor difficulty in breathing which may also sound like wheezing.

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