Bronchitis Treatment
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Acute Bronchitis Symptoms

By paying close attention to the signs that your body gives you, you can often discover that you may have a negative health condition that requires attention and treatment. However, some negative health conditions do feature common symptoms which can sometimes make it more difficult to make an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, it often proves to be a great help for you to educate yourself as much as possible in regards to some of the more common health issues that affect people. Among the conditions that you should make sure to stay aware of is acute bronchitis. Here are some of the more common acute bronchitis symptoms which you should be aware in order to make sure you are able to get the help and treatment you need for full recovery in as little time as possible.

One of the first things that you should be aware of is that acute bronchitis symptoms usually occur approximately four days after an upper respiratory infection. Some of the more common upper respiratory infections that may cause this are common colds or the flu.

If you are suffering from this condition, some of the acute bronchitis symptoms that you may experience include persistent coughing which often starts off dry and then usually progresses to a wetter cough because of the mucus which is created from within the lungs.

You may also experience a relatively mild fever which is often measured to be less than 101F. This means that if you experience a fever with a higher temperature than this you should most likely seek out the advice of a medical professional.

You may also feel more tired than usual, dull pains in your chest, wheezing when you breathe, and achy muscles.

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