Bronchitis Treatment
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Symptoms of Bronchitis

Paying attention to what our bodies feel like and keeping a general pulse on irregular sensations and symptoms can go a long way in helping to maintain optimal health and wellness. That is why it is vitally important to make sure you are aware of some of the most common symptoms of bronchitis, providing you with warning signs and an indicator that it’s time to start looking into your potential treatment options.

Bronchitis affects the airway in your lungs, blocking them and preventing them from optimal functioning. This restricts your airways and can often cause people to experience wheezing when they breathe. In addition, people also sometimes experience a shortness of breath or even a tightness or dull pain in their chest when suffering from bronchitis.

Furthermore, some of the other more common symptoms of bronchitis that you may experience also include a full body aching of the muscles. While this can often be treated with common over the counter solutions such as Tylenol or Advil, upping your fluid intake will also help you address this problem. People also often report feeling a bit sluggish or tired.

Some other symptoms of bronchitis that you may want to stay vigilant towards coughing and even some gastrointestinal symptoms as well as, such as upset stomach issues. As for the cough, this is typically what is referred to as an expectorating or productive cough which means that it draws up mucus from your lungs. This can vary in color from yellow to green and may even feature blood streaks in some of the more serious cases.

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